Welcome to Lawyers for a New Paradigm

A distinct voice is missing in the environmental movement. It is the voice that advocates for the entire Earth system – recognising that above all the integrity of the Earth system is paramount to achieving a sustainable future for all.

While many problems facing the world are increasingly recognised as interconnected, many of the solutions that are advanced are not systemic.

Understanding the complex nature of the environmental crisis requires delving into science, economics, and the humanities. Solutions require new thinking, new policy, and new law.

The unprecedented damage being caused to the environment, on a global scale seeks our urgent attention. Systemic approaches to the ecological crisis is urgently required.

New scientific insight is revealing that humanity is one part of the web of life living inside the biosphere. Humanity is one part of an interconnected, interdependent ecosystem. We are one Earth community.

Earth law considers the well-being of the entire Earth community.

In doing so the law is reimagined and transformed into a vehicle for social transformation, becoming a tool for restoration, reparation, and healing.